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Probating the Estate

Probate is the legal process of distributing the decedent’s assets to his or her heirs. If a person dies without a will, the distribution of that person’s assets are dictated by a statutory plan. If a person dies with a will, the personal representative nominated in the will usually administer the estate according to the terms of the will. Our team has wide experience to help you probate your loved one’s estate.

Make Sure Your Loved One’s Assets Are Distributed Fairly

Various disputes regarding the distribution of your loved one’s assets. Oftentimes, a person may have influenced your loved one into signing a document or your loved one may not have had the mental capability to sign a will or other document.  When family members and other parties dispute the distribution of a decedent’s assets, a contested probate matter can occur. These matters encompass legal issues such as: the validity of a will, undue influence, incapacity, forgery, fraud, right of survivorship accounts, and much more. Our team is prepared to protect your interests and make sure your loved one’s assets are distributed according to his or her wishes.


There are times when an elderly adult can no longer make appropriate decisions for his or herself due to dementia, mental illness, or other disability. In these cases, an elderly adult may need someone appointed by the court to make decisions to serve his or her best interests. Minors may also be in need of a guardianship in situations in which the minor is injured in a personal injury accident or when the minor is a beneficiary of money or other property. Minors with disabilities who later become adults and cannot operate with his or her affairs may also be in need of a guardianship. Here at The Law Offices of Stacy D. Henderson, PLLC, we have guided clients through the guardianship process and have helped clients successfully obtain legal guardianships.