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Regardless of your circumstances, who you are, and where you live, family law matters are very personal. At The Law Offices of Stacy D. Henderson, PLLC, we understand. Our team has extensive experience handling a wide range of matters including the following:

Our goal is to work hard to create the best solution for you. If you need help resolving a matter via mediation or litigation, we bring the muscle and are not afraid to fight for your interests.

Familiarity With The Texas Department Of Family And Protective Services

The involvement of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) can be stressful for any family. Attorney Stacy Henderson previously worked as an attorney for the DFPS and has valuable insight to help parents with involvement with DFPS matters.

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It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make, but we are here to help you through each aspect of your family law matter.

Whether you are seeking an amicable solution or are prepared for a fight to protect your kids or future, we will craft a strategy tailored to your goals and make sure you understand your rights and options.

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