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Emotional abuse in a marriage

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Family Law

Married couples divorce for many reasons. Sometimes, a spouse might file for divorce in a Texas family court because a partner has become abusive. Others may deal with spouses who mismanage the couple’s financial assets or become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Still others might discover that they have little in common and grow apart. Ultimately, the problems in a marriage could become so significant that the union becomes untenable.

An illustrative situation

Social media and news reports about a woman’s troubles with her husband of 13 years reveal how emotional abuse often harms a marriage. The woman noted that her husband detached himself from her and their children and reported that he spends more time on his phone and at the gym than with his family. The woman noted that the distant behavior has hurt their relationship. She also alleges her husband is prone to angry outbursts and threats to leave.

Divorce and emotional abuse

When emotional abuse and detachment become severe, a spouse, such as in the instance above, may consider filing for divorce. Emotional abuse can ruin a married couple’s relationship and could negatively affect the other spouse and the children. Worries that emotional and verbal abuse will escalate to physical abuse might weigh on a victim’s mind.

A withdrawn spouse could impact other areas of the couple’s life. If neither spouse is communicating, financial instability may arise. One spouse might worry that the other is not handling debt or savings-related issues, which may lead to more stress. When such problems become overwhelming, filing for divorce might be unavoidable. Reaching out to a reputable divorce attorney who has helped others in similar circumstances is a good first step.