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What are your options for business dispute resolution?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Business Litigation

Owning a Texas business is rewarding in many ways. However, it’s possible to run into problems with a customer, partner or some other party that need to be settled. Different issues require different ways to address them.


A tort is a civil case that occurs when one party claims another has caused them damages. These cases can involve harm to finances, property or personal safety. There must be one of three elements in place to bring about this type of business litigation: negligence, intent or strict liability.

Employment disputes

An employment dispute can arise when an employee claims they have faced discrimination on the job. If one of your employees has a problem alleging harassment, discrimination, unfair wages or anything else, they could file a complaint against the company.

Intellectual property disputes

An intellectual property dispute can occur if a person, usually a former employee, uses trade secrets, patents or copyrights from a company without explicit permission. In this situation, a claim can be initiated by the owner or the business when any of these aspects have been violated.

Breach of contract

Breach of contract is one of the most common bases for business litigation. When parties enter into a contract, they must abide by the terms. If someone breaches the agreement, the others can file for damages to remedy the problem.


A class-action lawsuit can be filed against a business if multiple parties have suffered damages due to product liability, data breach, employment or other type of harm. These cases often have hundreds of plaintiffs and take a long time to settle.

Partnership disputes

Sometimes, partnership disputes can arise in business. In many situations, a partnership agreement created before the dispute can help to resolve the issue. If there is no such document in place, mediation often works to settle the dispute.

Business disputes are common, but they can be resolved with these and other measures.