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Don’t forget the terms & conditions page

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Business Transactions

If you have a business in Texas, it’s likely you have a website. One aspect often overlooked is a terms & conditions section. Having this on your site makes it easier to claim ownership rights to anything that visitors may see as well as to moderate any content that visitors or others may post.

You can’t control others

You typically cannot stop someone from copying and sharing information posted on a company website or blog. It may also be difficult to fully prevent a data breach that might result in customer data being shared or sold to other parties.

However, including disclaimers on your site may protect the business against damage content theft or a data breach. The use of a disclaimer may also protect you against claims made as a result of a server outage or other issues that prevent access to some or all of your site.

Written rules are easier to enforce

Creating a code of conduct or similar manifesto on your website lets users and visitors know what is expected of them. It also lets them know what the potential consequences might be for their actions and how you plan to sanction those who violate the rules. For example, you could threaten to engage in business litigation against parties who engage in fraud or engage in other actions that violate company rules or applicable laws.

Including terms & conditions on your website may be an effective tool in helping your business obtain a favorable outcome in a legal proceeding. However, other tools such as business insurance or running a company as an LLC may also provide financial protection against a judgment or other losses your company may incur.