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The effects of divorce on teenagers

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Family Law

Texas parents going through a divorce may worry about the way the process might impact their young children. But what about older kids? Teens too can suffer the effects of a divorce.

Divorce can affect the way teenagers relate to others

When children witness their parents’ divorce and struggle with the changes they will need to endure, the impact can reach into their social interactions. They might lose interest in spending time with other teens, even good friends. They might struggle with the emotional impact of the divorce and begin to isolate themselves.

As they work through the many emotions resulting from the break-up, they might even lash out at their peers. This can temporarily, and sometimes permanently, change the way your young adult relates to the world, turning a previously outgoing child into a shy, anxious one. This can also impact them long-term, tainting the way they perceive marriage and love.

Divorce can affect how teens perform academically

Older children can also be affected academically by divorce. Those same emotions and struggles that affected their social relations can also affect their academic interests and performance. Some of the ways teenagers might be academically affected by divorce include:

• Losing interest in doing homework or school projects
• Earning poorer grades compared to before the divorce
• Becoming at risk for dropping out of school
• Deciding not to pursue higher education after high school

Because teens can become easily overwhelmed by the process of divorce and the powerful emotions they experience during this time, it Is important that they feel fully supported. It is not uncommon for parents to seek professional help to reduce the risk of negative implications on their teens during the divorce.